Other writing

As well as migration, I write on other issues, relating to my work and to my personal interests. Here are some links to some of my reports and blogs.

The Annual Childcare Costs Survey

At the Family and Childcare Trust, I have developed and written the Annual Childcare Costs Survey. This looks at the costs and availability of childcare in Britain and its data is used by the Government and the OECD).

Informal childcare

Many UK families use informal childcare provided by relatives and friends, yet little is known about patterns of use. In 2011-12 I led a study of informal childcare use, the largest and most comprehensive to date.

The London Childcare Report

London is the richest region in the UK, but nearly a quarter of its children live in poverty. Just 63 per cent of mothers with dependent children were employed in London in 2013, compared with 73 per cent in the rest of the UK. The state of childcare provision in the capital is a major cause of these economic paradoxes. I produce a report on childcare in London every two years.

The real breastfeeding scandal

My response to a story about Nigel Farage’s views on breastfeeding, following an incident with a nursing mother in Claridge’s.

Tax havens syphon money away from public services

Tax evasion and aggressive tax avoidance make me angry as they deprive public services of much needed funding.

Education and British values

Over-emphasising the Britishness of certain universal values risks stoking xenophobia.

The value of public parks

Blog post on why the Government needs to spend more on parks


I am a frequent media commentator on family policy
I am a frequent media commentator on family policy