Welcome to my website, which hosts most of my recent writing. I have spent nearly 25 years working with migrants and refugees and working on related policy issues. Click here and you will find a selection of my writing on migration and here for more about me.

'On Camberwell Green (Let me eat my wings!)' by Ed Gray www.edgrayart.comIn 2015 I published Moving up and getting on, which examines the integration of migrants in the UK, at work, in education and socially in their new neighbourhoods. The book draws on my research in London and the east of England. It aims to be an accessible but comprehensive text that critiques recent policy, but also suggest practical steps to support integration. Further details about the book and its contents are given in the Moving up and getting on section in this website.

Outside work, I make pots and write about ceramics. Drawing from some of my blogs, I am currently working on a book about this subject. You can read my pottery blogs in the ceramics section of my website. I try to write a new blog every month, with recent additions looking at clay as raw material, mudlarking along the banks of the Thames and the iconic willow pattern. My latest post looks at the pleasures of developing glaze recipes.

Latest publications

Leaving the EU will lead to significant changes to UK immigration policy. This means there is a window of opportunity to get policy that works for business and the NHS, protects refugees and also has public support. But that public support will not be won, unless people have a say in the changes they would like to see made. At British Future, we have long argued for a ‘National Conversation’ on Immigration, so we have decided to take the initiative by organising our own such activity. Working with the anti-prejudice campaigners, HOPE not hate, the National Conversation on Immigration will run two surveys and visit 60 towns and cities across the UK to talk to members of the public about their views on immigration and what they want to see changed. We have found that in face-t0-face discussion, most people have moderation and constructive views. Here is our Interim Report, written after we made our first 30 visits.